100 posts: 10 better things since getting an ostomy

This is my 100th post on The Stolen Colon. It has been an amazing experience these past 32 weeks. I’ve enjoying sharing my journey and I’ve loved getting to know each of you a little better. I was thinking of writing a list of 100 things that have changed in my life for the better since starting this blog, but then I realized that 100 is a very long list. So instead, I’m going with 10 and each one is 10x’s as amazing!


  1. Starting the day off feeling good and ready to hit the ground running (often literally).
  2. Not worrying about having to run to the bathroom at the most inopportune time.
  3. Being able to enjoy a meal with my family and friends without thinking about how it will affect me later (or at least not to the same extent as before).
  4. Simply being able to enjoy the day because I’m not running out of steam half-way through it.
  5. The ability to compete in a triathlon and half-marathon.
  6. Not having to take a day off from work every 6 weeks in order to catch up.
  7. Getting to meet so many new friends through support groups and online.
  8. Not having to get a shot or infusion every week/few weeks just to keep me in a mildly better condition.
  9. Saying “yes” rather than wanting to go home.
  10. Never having to worry about a colonoscopy again!

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