A groggy, sleepy day

Hey guys, I just wanted to check in real quick. It has been a rather long 30 or so hours, here. Surgery seemed to go well yesterday. They were able to do everything laparoscopically and didn’t have to make any extra incisions. I remember waking up about 8:00 last night, once I was set up in my private room! That’s a little unusual for me, since I usually remember waking up in recovery, but I don’t remember any of that.

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How I spent most of today.

After getting all settled in last night, I actually got a decent night’s sleep. Of course I was woken up about 3 or 4 times, but still, it was one of the more restful nights I’ve had in the hospital. Today I’ve been pretty groggy. I think I went a little too far with the morphine pump! But seriously, I’ve spent most of the day sleeping and resting. My poor husband just sat here all day while I slept and didn’t do much else. I haven’t gotten much down today, so I’m gonna spring for some chicken noodle soup tonight and hopefully that’ll go down right.

I’ve had a decent amount of pain today, but it has been manageable. Jarrod did help me get up a couple of times and take a few steps around. I think by tomorrow morning I’ll be a little better suited to move around. As you can probably tell by this post, I’m still pretty out of it today, so hopefully I’ll be able to give you more of an update tomorrow. Thank you all for your encouragement.

4 thoughts on “A groggy, sleepy day

  1. Molly

    You are by far the prettiest patient I have ever seen. Glad the surgery is over for you! Now the road to a speedy recovery! Best wishes.


  2. Red

    You know what, you made my day. You show me how beautiful this life is instead of the struggle you have come after. Thanks you so mUch! I really like your beautiful smile 🙂

  3. Dave Rudzin

    Stephanie, your beauty and attitude come through in your words. We in UOAA look forward to meet you and work with you to educate people and show them that YOUR attitude is the one to have


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