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I have realized recently that even though ostomies and inflammatory bowel disease are not often discussed topics, there still are a lot of great resources out there. There are organizations, business and blogs that you can go to for information, apparel, advice, comfort, merchandise and many other things. I thought it would be a nice idea to highlight some of the places I have come across. So here’s my first Follow Friday ostomy/IBD style!

For anyone living with or faced with getting an ostomy, one of the biggest concerns is being able to feel comfortable in your own skin. I remember thinking before I had surgery, how would I ever feel sexy again? How would I be able to look at myself the same way ever again? And right around the same time that I was asking myself those questions, Awestomy was gearing up to start making undergarments for people living with an ostomy.Awestomy-BrandLogos

Their products are aimed at giving security and confidence to their wearers, and also allowing for some humor. They sell booty shorts for women that are high-waisted with lace and include a pocket for your ostomy bag. They have wraps for men and women that help keep the bag in place and smooth and also have a pocket for extra support. And for those who appreciate a sense of humor, they sell a number of t-shirts with phrases such as “Brown Baggin’ It” and “mama’s got a brand new bag” on them.

Awestomy is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise $5000 that will allow them to ramp up their production abilities, research new lines of ostomy clothing, and put together a strong marketing campaign. What’s more, they have pledge levels starting at $1 and they have some great incentives for your donation, from ostomy apparel to getting to choose one of your next sayings for their stickers to even getting to be a fit tester for the company where you give feedback on the products and you get to keep all of your test items! They have a video on the page that talks about the company and what they hope to accomplish through the campaign.

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They also got involved when word got out about the Cincinnati Police Department’s comments about people with ostomies and started the “Right 2 Remain Sexy” campaign, showing ostomates for who they really are: beautiful and sexy individuals! They put together a digital poster of ostomates from all over the country and were awesome enough (pun intended) to include me. Check it out!

Awestomy founders Jason and Jessica have a personal connection to the products they are making as Jason had surgery to get a colostomy in March of 2012. It has been a pleasure getting to know their business through interactions online. They also donate 15% of their sales each month to a non-profit that is connected with digestive diseases or ostomy awareness. So take a look at the work they are doing and consider being a backer in their campaign!

One thought on “Follow Friday: Kickstart in style


    I ordered one of their t-shirts–the “mamas got a brand new bag–and am glad to have found this. I also want to say that you have been a wonderful resource of information and support. I started my journey over a year ago and when I went for the ileostomy take down they found that about a foot of my large intestine had died and so I now have a permanent colostomy. It’s amazing the mood swings one can have, that’s why your positive attitude has helped me tremendously!
    Thanks, again.


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