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Italy: Sneak Peek

Hello, friends! I have missed you all. I just got in from Italy last night around midnight, so today has been full of trying to get back on North Carolina time and running errands to prepare to get back to life. I have a feeling I’m going to crash at some point this week…

My husband and I had an amazing time traveling through Rome, Florence and Venice. We saw so many beautiful and historic sites and the food… oh the food. And I can’t wait to tell you all about it, but for now, I think a little more rest is in order. So I will just leave this with this little sneak peek of our trip!

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Ready to fly! (Well, almost…)

In less than 48 hours, my husband and I will be on a plane on our very first trip to Europe. I can’t believe it’s here already. I have been planning this trip for the better part of a year, and it’s crazy to think that it’s actually time to just go for it.

I know you all know how crazy everything has been for me lately, so I’m sorry if I’ve sounded like a broken record. I  knew at the beginning of the year that April and early May were going to be a  busy time with running my half-marathon, planning the CCFA Take Steps Walk and now turning in my final research paper for my grad school class. Very purposefully, I planned to make it through the whirlwind of all that, and then I just wanted to get away. So I planned our trip to start as soon as everything was finished. Thus, we are leaving this Thursday. However, what I did not take into consideration is the fact that I actually need to plan for this trip and I have had no time to really sit down and go through everything and take it all in.

travel suitcaseBut I am getting really excited now, even though I realize how much there is left to do. I spent part of the day talking with the travel agent (yes, I did use one, and yes, they are still relevant, and yes, I’m really glad I did) and letting my credit card companies and phone company know I’m traveling. I haven’t even thought about packing yet. But it’s alright, I have my passport and place tickets and that’s really all that matters.

This is the first major trip I have taken in a long time. When I was 16, I went to Thailand with my church. At 20, I flew to China to study abroad for the summer (had to come back a week later because I was so sick, but that’s a story for another day). And then we went to Jamaica for our honeymoon. The first two trips were completely planned by others and I just had to follow along. And our honeymoon was at an all-inclusive resort, so we didn’t leave the entire time we were there. This will be the first time we are really doing this on our own.

While I’m definitely a little nervous about how everything is going to go and about finding our way around and figuring out how to talk to people, I am so looking forward to some time away from everything and just getting to enjoy a beautiful new country with some real history behind it. I will definitely be posting pictures as often as I can, so follow me on Instagram or Twitter to get the highlights! (I apologize in advance for any annoying food pictures, but I think I might have to! When in Rome… and all that.)

I will definitely be looking forward to filling you all in when in get back, not just about the trip and the country, but this is also my first international trip with my ostomy. I ordered extra supplies this month, just to make sure I have enough. I think I’m going to bring some trash bags for the flight, since it’s about an eight-hour flight. And I’ll definitely pick up a big bottle of water for the plane! And if you have done a big trip like this with an ostomy, feel free to share any tips before I leave!

Now, I guess I better get packing…