IBD Awareness Week giveaway winner

And the winner is giveaway prize blog stephanie hughes stolen colon crohn's colitis ostomyChrystal Shofroth!!

What Chrystal listed as the thing she wishes others knew about IBD I think rings true with many of us: “I wish others understood the seriousness of IBD complications and didn’t just judge us.”

Chrystal, I hope you wear your IBD awareness shirt and intestine socks proudly! And hopefully you can find some healthy and yummy new recipes to try. Send me an email at stephanie@stolencolon.com and let me know which “Ask Me” shirt you would like and where I can ship it to.

Thank you all so much for your comments taking part in my first giveaway. Keep spreading awareness!

And thank you again to The Great Bowel Movement. Check back on Monday for the next prize package!

Here are some other great comments you guys left:

“That IBD isn’t just a pooing disease! I wish they would understand it affects everything about me..my physical and mental health, my family, my friends and everything I’ve ever dreamed for myself!” – Jo Jo

“That IBD is life changing, but not necessarily for the worst. That it doesn’t just affect your intestines and that nobody is going to react to this disease in the same way!!!” – Dezaray

“I have learned that the IBD community includes some of the strongest, bravest, and most sincere people I’ve ever known, and that they truly are warriors!” – Christy

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