Doing A-OK

I had my first follow-up appointment with my GI surgeon yesterday. Since I’ve been feeling good, I was looking forward to the appointment. Even though I knew I was doing alright, it’s always nice to hear that from the doctor as well.

I told him that I was doing well and feeling normal again. I brought up some of my concerns about the joint pain and a couple of other issues I’d noticed. He told me that does raise some concerns, but to just keep an eye on it for now. He said it could just be my body adjusting to being off some of the meds, but to let them know if it continues or gets worse. So far, it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve been dealing with some mild joint pain, but it hasn’t been any worse over the past few days.

Other than that, the main thing we discussed was the possibility of future surgeries to reverse the ostomy and possibly put in a j-pouch. (I’ve included some information on this before, but here’s a link if you’d like to know more.) He told me again that it would be risky to do this surgery in the future, because even if things heal up, there’s always the possibility of the inflammation coming back if reconnected. I let him know that I wasn’t counting on that, in order to not get my hopes up. Plus, I’ve been told that the surgery can affect fertility and it’s recommended that you wait until after you have kids, so I was already looking at something several years in the future. We determined that there will likely be another surgery in the future, whether it’s to put in a j-pouch or otherwise to remove the rectum completely, because if left, it can increase cancer risks in the future. But regardless, either one would be after we’re done having kids.

But the doctor gave me a clean bill of health and the go-ahead to get back to life. I have a follow-up appointment set with my GI for a month from now and know to contact the surgeon if anything worrisome pops up. For now, it’s back to business as usual. Thank God!

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