Featured Again! US News & World Report: Life after colectomy

I was so excited to be contacted by U.S. News & World Report again this week. This was for an article about life after having a colectomy. I think they did a great job with this article, explaining more about the surgery and what to expect, but also showing that it’s not something that will inhibit the way you live you life. The subtext says it all: “What can people do once they have an ostomy? Anything they want.” Check out the full article.

us news world report colectomy

4 thoughts on “Featured Again! US News & World Report: Life after colectomy

  1. Karen l Ogg

    When I had mine 33 years ago,it was a terrible thing to have even if you were old,some opted to die instead, I’m now 73, and am a great grandmother,I’m living proof it’s worth it. I’ve helped a few people that had to have one,but there was nothing out there, I’ve found so much info on my pad! Thanks!

    1. Jan Jones

      Thanks for posting, Karen. You make me feel like I can live with mine for 33 more years. I’m 58 🙂 and new to this.


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