It’s “GO” time

Today is exactly 14 weeks until my next half-marathon. It’s actually perfect timing since there is just enough time to get in a full training schedule with starting right at the new year.

I have been doing my best to get back into my training routine in recent weeks, but it’s definitely a little difficult to do that over the holidays and when it is freezing outside every morning. So the official training started New Year’s Day. But 14 weeks is a little bit of a short training period. I think I have done 16 week plans in the past, but I also was starting from basically nothing rather than comfortable with a 5K like I am right now. So this just means that we have to literally hit the ground running!

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I have gotten in a little over 5 miles in the past few days, with a short “long run” of 2 miles to start off so I can build from there. (The “long run” will be the one that continues to increase by about a mile every week and the in-between runs will focus more on pace and speed than distance.) I am still trying to figure out what the best schedule will be for cross-training and the shorter runs, but I am hoping that I have put together a good plan. The biggest challenge is going to be waking up earlier in the morning. Like, really early. Especially when it’s only 25-degrees outside… or lower.

So far I have been feeling good about this race. I am starting off feeling good and mentally ready. Like I said, the winter runs are not a lot of fun, but perhaps this means that those final long runs will be a little easier as we thaw out during that time. I know that I need to continue to be good about stretching and taking care of my muscles, because for both of my half-marathons, I have wound up with some difficult hip and leg pain during training.

It feels good to be running again. But we’ll have to see how good 5 a.m. feels…

5 thoughts on “It’s “GO” time

  1. Russell Nurick

    Just had the ileostomy surgery a month ago, and I would like to run a half eventually. Curious, do you use any special equipment when you run for stability, hydration, etc…?

    1. Stephanie Hughes Post author

      Russell, that is a great goal to look forward to. I have had no issues running with my bag and I don’t really use any special equipment. I do usually try to wear pants that help keep the bag flat and secure, but that includes most running pants/shorts out there. And I always take water with me. I carry a bottle for short runs and use a belt for longer runs. But I did have hydration issues even before my ostomy. I hope you are doing well since I know those first weeks can be difficult. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions.

  2. Katie of Black Hills Reiki

    Way to go Stephanie!! I just registered for my 1/2 marathon that is June 1st. It’s my second time, but this year the goal is to walk and run intermittently. My friend and are starting to train up as well, but indoors right now. So excited for you!!! Go Go Go!!!

    1. Stephanie Hughes Post author

      That’s so exciting! I love having goals like this to look forward to. Doing a little indoors and trying to do a little outdoors, too, but we’ll see how that goes. (In NC, you never know. It can be 20-degrees one day and 70-degrees the next.) Best of luck training!


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