I’m headed to Philadelphia!

I actually can’t believe it’s just a couple of weeks away, but I am excited to attend this year’s UOAA conference in Philadelphia! This will be my first time getting to attend in the conference, so I am looking forward to that by itself, but especially so since I have been given the opportunity to speak this year. 

I will be talking about relationship considerations and having a family with an ostomy. I will be specifically sharing about my experiences with pregnancy and raising young kids while living with an ostomy. This subject is very important to me and I remember when I was faced with having surgery that one of my main questions was about my ability to have a family. I feel blessed to have been able to experience two pregnancies since having surgery to get an ostomy and I feel honored to be able to share that experience with others. 

So there are two things I wanted to put out there. First, I would love some feedback on specific questions you have about relationships, pregnancy and raising a family with an ostomy. I want to make sure that what I share resonates with those who attend, I would be grateful to hear some of the topics that you think would be interesting and beneficial. 

And secondly, if any of you are close to the Philadelphia area, I would love to see you there! Nothing brings me more joy that the opportunity to meet others in this community and to get an opportunity to hear your stories, as well. I will be speaking on Friday, August 8 from 10:00-11:30 a.m. If you are there, please come find me, because I would love a few minutes to get to chat with you. 

You can still register for the conference. Check out the UOAA’s website for information on what other great topics will be discussed and how to register to attend. 

Finally, I’m sure there are many of you who may have attended in the past. What was your experience like at the conference? Anything in particular worth knowing as a first time attendee? 

I look forward to getting to meet some of you in just a few weeks! 

Sit down, stay a while. I'd love to hear from you.

  1. I’ll see you there! I am a mom of two, and would love to chat! Live right here, in Philadelphia.