In a cast and out of shape

My life has looked a little differently over the past few weeks. Granted, it has been Christmas-time, so that always changes things up a bit, but it’s more than that. Prior to two weeks ago, I felt that I had finally gotten myself into a good routine of running and working out. I was enjoying waking up earlier and going for a swim before starting the day. I finally had all of the cold-weather gear to make winter cycling possible. I’ve been on the verge of signing up with a trainer to help me prepare for triathlon season.

Now, I’m not being able to do any of those things and I’m having to seriously consider moving my triathlon training back. I had planned on starting in March and doing a big one in April. But the doctor’s telling me it will likely have to be May or June before I should plan on competing in one. And that’s hoping that I can get in all of the training I need to before that.

stephanie hughes running shoes unused stolen colon crohns ostomy blog

My poor, sad, unused running shoes

Obviously, I can’t do any swimming with a cast on. And getting back on my bike is going to be the hardest part because the pressure is put on the wrist. I’ve also been nervous to go running because I’m unsure if that will hurt my wrist. I go back to the orthopedic next week so I’ll have to see if that’s a possibility for me.

I have also felt more tired lately. I’m sure it’s partly due to the fact that I haven’t been exercising like I was. I would also blame the simple fact that dealing with this cast is exhausting. My arm is heavy and it’s difficult to do simple tasks like taking a shower, cleaning the kitchen, typing blog posts. I think it’s wearing me out a little just doing the day-to-day things. I also hate the helpless feeling of not being able to open my own bottles of water or pick up something that weighs more than a couple of pounds.

So now I’m trying to figure out what options are out there for me to try to somewhat keep up with a workout routine. I’m thinking that I can at least use a stationary bike since balance is not as involved and I should be able to do it with one hand. I’ve never done much weight training, especially with my legs, but I suppose that would not be a bad idea either, but I probably should find someone who knows that they’re doing so I don’t cause another injury.

Any other good ideas out there for staying in shape with a broken wrist?

One thought on “In a cast and out of shape

  1. kerricg225

    I can totally relate to your training coming to a halt. I too was just back on track with my trainer and really pushing my cardio beyond what I thought possible. All excited, I was on my way and BACK!!!!!!!!!! Well, that all fell by the wayside when my intestines decided to act up on me and partially obstruct, putting me in the hospital for 11 long days. Just when I thought it was safe to come home and rest, the intestinal blockage was not really cleared and it was back to the ER on several occasions including Christmas -Christmas Morning. They allowed me to go home, Thank goodness but with an ice chip only diet and some pain meds.

    All I could think about was how I had to get in touch with my trainer and cancel our sessions planned for the end of the week. What and how awful this was, I thought to myself. Why? Why was this happening to me? The answer is because I have a chronic disease but I am so angry. I just want to be able to work out. Upon calling my Doctor , asking him when I would be okay to start up again he said give it 2 to 3 weeks, until we get you under control. I cried, I thought of different exercises I could do,etc……… like you are doing now. But I am going to wait because my luck I’ll relapse and have to wait longer. Once again another call to the trainer and cancel next week also.

    As for you, I have thought of a couple of different cardio machines you may be able to do. How about the elliptical without the arms swinging back and forth. (balance shouldn’t be too difficult), any of the stationary bikes are safe and/or a quick paced leg workout. The leg workout you could do is something my trainer does with me, he keeps my heart rate high by going from one machine to the other, 3x through 18-20 repetitions. For example: Quads (leg extensions) to hamstrings (lying leg curls or seated leg curls) both 20 reps. and start with quads,go to curls until you’ve done each exercise sets each. Then go to inner and outer thigh and do the same thing. Buttocks using leg press machine and if your gym has one legged butt push outs (not sure what that machine is called LOL). Just vary it and you’ll find that it works you hard and concentrate on squeezing each muscle group you are using.

    I am a trainer as well but I do not work in the field anymore due to this intestinal disease. But I love being trained and working out with a quality trainer. Mine is caring, aware of my medical history and works with the exercises according to how I feel that day and my illeostomy. I lucked out with him, he is a very smart trainer with a great training back round. I hope I was helpful and sorry I took so much time telling my story. Anytime you want to rant about your workouts, I’m here to listen and moan and groan with you. Best of luck!!!!


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