May oh my!

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It’s a new day and a new month. Looking back, I’m glad with the way April went. I signed up for my first graduate class, I pulled off a couple of successful fundraisers and stepped up my training for the half-marathon, and I helped put on a great walk to benefit the CCFA.

It’s going to be another busy month, but I’m looking forward to fewer commitments than I had last month. My main goal right now is to get prepared for my half-marathon. I’m focusing on my training and making up the ground I’ve lost. I was going over my training from this season and realized that the end of March hit me hard. About half-way through the month, I was doing great and on target to increase my speed for this half. But that’s when the pain kicked in and the last two weeks of March I hardly did any working out at all. I picked up where I left off in April, but was about three weeks behind at that point. But I’m excited that I reached my goal of running 7 miles in April! Now I’m hoping to find a good pace for myself to get back to where I need to be.

And while I didn’t drink 100 ounces of water EVERY day, I’ve actually done pretty well with getting myself into a routine of drinking at least that much. And on the days that I didn’t make that goal, I still usually drank about 75 or more ounces. I’m planning on continuing to get into the habit of drinking more water every day.

I have some other things that I am going to be preparing for this month, as well… but more on that later.

  • Team Challenge goals
    • Prepare myself to run/walk 13.1 miles in just one month.
    • Secure final donations/sponsorships for Team Challenge fund.
    • Join the group in Charlotte for send-off party and BBQ fundraiser.
  • Grad School goals
    • Apply for some other scholarships.
    • Start brushing up on some communications theories.
  • Personal goals
    • Celebrate 1 year of living a better life with my ostomy!
    • Continue to drink at least 100 ounces of water EVERY day.
    • Host a big Mother’s Day brunch for Hughes, Lindsey and Frye families.
    • Finish house refinancing process. (We had planned to close in April, but are pushing it back to later this month, but should already be set to do that.)
    • Read Emma for Jane Austen book club and host this month’s meeting!

Sit down, stay a while. I'd love to hear from you.