My first therapy session

Yes, I am in therapy. Occupational therapy, that is. I started yesterday to help rehabilitate my wrist and make sure I get back my full range of motion.

It was a pretty easy appointment. It basically consisted of the therapist measure the angles I could make with my wrist (like how far I can bend it in each direction or flip it over, in comparison to my other wrist). It was actually surprising to see how much my wrist movement has been inhibited. This stephanie hughes wrist exercise stretch bend flex motion stolen colon ostomy crohns blogpicture is my attempt to show you where I am starting from.

For the next several weeks, I am supposed to do a series of stretches for my wrist, moving it in all directions and holding it in position for a few seconds. I am going to have to be disciplined because you’re supposed to do these exercises 4 times every day, and the last thing I want to do is slack off and not make the improvements I want.

I have to go back in every week, I guess just to check on my progress and to determine what new exercises I should start working on. I am thinking it’s going to be a bit of a long road. I am still wearing the brace most of the time, but trying to cut back on that as well and make sure I’m getting some strength back in my arm. Thankfully, I have already gotten back to the basics of writing, typing, picking things up (within reason) and even opening jars with my right hand, so it hasn’t been completely unused for the past eight weeks. Now I guess I just have to move past the pain and keep pushing it a little more every day. We’ll get there soon enough.

One thought on “My first therapy session

  1. kerriann clark

    I did hand therapy after my broken hand incident. It’s easy in the beginning and then it gets difficult. The following through at home is where it gets difficult. But keep at it and you will get your full range of motion of your wrist pretty much back. My hand is still numb from several surgeries that didn’t work with the break and that’s why my hand did not come close to healing correctly. Just do what they say and you will be great!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I am interested in doing some work for “The Stolen Colon” and since you are the head of it I thought i’d ask you. I feel like i need to give back somewhere in this community, be it ostomies, Stolen Colon,etc…….. Thanks


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