One month

30 day countdown triathlon chalkboard

30 days. That’s all I have left to get ready for my triathlon. It’s exactly one month from today, and of course September would be one of the months that only has 30 days.

I’m definitely feeling the pressure. I feel that I have a major issue with each of the three parts involved.

Swimming (250m): swimming 10 lengths of the pool is a lot harder than it sounds. I usually swim about 1km each workout, but I’ve never swam 250m without stopping. Plus, I’ve never had the chance to practice the typical triathlon path that includes zig-zagging down the width of the pool. So far, I’m up to 150m without stopping, but can continue on with a fairly short rest. I’m starting to feel better about my ability to condense that in the next 4 weeks. If I decide to continue on with this training, I’m glad that I will have until next year to work my way up to the usual sprint distance of 750m.

Bike (9 miles): bicycling itself is not too difficult. I’m able to keep going for that distance on the stationary bike and actually did an 11 mile cycle this morning. However, I’m doing that around neighborhoods and making circuits. I’ve hardly been out on the actual road at all. But it’s very unnerving trying to get used to riding alongside a bunch of cars. And I don’t have anyone that I know who bikes that I could ride along with and it seems that most of the groups that go riding are a lot more experienced than I am and I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up. Fortunately, for the race in October, it will be a Sunday morning, so traffic should be low, and the one portion that is along NC-54 will be coned off. (At least that’s what I’m hoping because it was at the last race I saw in that area.)

Run (2 miles): running is obviously the easiest to pick up in most cases because you are basically doing the same thing you do every day… just faster and longer. I’ve been doing a couch to 5k program so that I’m prepared to run 3.1 miles but only have to run 2. I’m already fine with making it that distance, but the pace has been difficult. I’ve written before about my knees being a problem. I think it’s a combination of residual joint inflammation caused by inflammatory bowel disease and the fact that I haven’t gone running (at least consistently) for a very long time. So I can do it, I just have to resort to walking a good bit of the time.

All of that seems like so much to overcome in the next month. I’ve been a little discouraged about it lately. But fortunately, I had to opportunity to meet up with a lady who my mom knows who’s been doing triathlons for the past 3 years. She was very encouraging and gave me some good advice on how to prepare. I may also get the chance to go riding with her some before my race. But like I said before, I may have issues keeping up.

I have had to remind myself numerous times about why I am running this race. And I’m not competing in it to win. But at the same time, I’m a competitive person, and the idea of not making good time upsets me. But the point of all of this is to prove to myself that I am stronger that I thought. And that IBD or having an ostomy is not going to keep me down. It’s not about winning, it’s about finishing.

8 thoughts on “One month

  1. Jes

    Rock on, girl! I wish I wasn’t preggo, I would train with you! A triathlon is on my bucket list. I was going to do one this past June, but finally got pregnant. Maybe we can train for the next one!

  2. Adam

    Great job, make it happen! To swim the full 250m without stopping, consider alternating your stroke to elementary backstroke for 1-2 lengths and then back to your usual stroke. That may help.

  3. josh29152

    To build my swim endurance I alternate strokes between overhand crawl and the breast stroke. I am sure you’ll make the 250m swim. I am doing a half marathon in October. I hope you keep us updated on your race… Go get em and show them all what your made of!


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