Pregnancy with an ostomy

The big question

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Can you still get pregnant with an ostomy?

Each trimester journey

second trimester pregnancy with an ostomy stolen colon stephanie hughes ibd crohn's disease ulcerative colitis ileostomy colostomyA look at what I experienced and looked forward to during each trimester of pregnancy

First trimester

Second trimester

Third trimester

Pregnancy & chronic illness

Having children when you have a chronic illness is a big decision. Here are my thoughts on having children when you have IBD.


nst baby ostomy pregnancySometimes there are complications when pregnant with an ostomy.

This is IBD

Intestinal blockages during pregnancy

My first NG tube experience

When your body fails you


waylon birth pregnancyAnd while not the easiest experience, the amazing child who arrives makes all of the pain worth it.

The baby is on the way

Waylon’s birth story: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Introducing Waylon