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How to dress when pregnant with an ostomy

I have done a video before about what to wear with an ostomy, but now that I am almost 9-months pregnant, I wanted to talk about how to dress when your stomach becomes more of a focal point. It does become a bit more complicated to attempt to hide your ostomy bag during this time, but I don’t think that means you still can’t dress the way you want. I think it is much more about what you are comfortable with and making your decisions based on that. Here are some of the clothing options I have chosen throughout my pregnancy, but I’d love to know if you have found some other options that I do not cover here!


Out of the Bag: What to wear with an ostomy

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For me, one of the scariest parts about having my colon removed and getting an ostomy was thinking that I would never feel comfortable in my own skin again. I was afraid I would no longer feel like myself as I would be stuck wearing oversized and unattractive clothes. I’m so thankful I was wrong.

What has your experience been? Have you learned any tips for dressing with an ostomy? Any clothes you find work well? Or ones that don’t?

Out of the Bag: Swimsuits

stephanie hughes out of the bag colostomy ileostomy crohn's disease ulcerative colitis inflammatory bowel disease ibd ostomy blog stolen colon ileostomy colostomy urostomy

We just wrapped up Memorial Day weekend which means the time for beach trips and weekends spent at the pool has begun. But for women living with an ostomy, finding something you are comfortable in wearing at the pool can seem like a really hard task. In this video, I go through the options I have found for ostomates and share some of my experiences with each one. And below the video, you can see some pictures of the ostomy swimwear for women options I have found!

Here are pictures of each look, plus another one that I found since I uploaded this video!
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No, I’m not pregnant

But I did buy a maternity belt.

I’ve been having to get used to a new way of dressing. It’s not like I have to get a whole new wardrobe, but I’m more conscious of wearing tighter shirts and such. When I go shopping, I focus on tops that flare or fit a little looser. Which seems to be in style, because I’ve had no problem finding lots of option.

I’ve discovered that dresses are the easiest to wear. (Not something I’m complaining about. Any excuse to buy new dresses is fine with me.) But the problem with dresses is that they don’t provide any support for my ostomy bag. Most of the time it’s not a problem, but if I’m out walking around for a while, it can start to get uncomfortable and cause some stomach pain.

ostomy maternity belt bellyThen the other day, I read a blog post from Lauren on Girls-with-guts.com. She mentioned that she used a maternity belt to give herself some extra support. So I went out yesterday and found one for myself and the difference has been amazing.

It gives me extra support. It’s comfortable. It helps keep things flat and smooth so it doesn’t show as much. It can get bunched up and I’m sure on those 100-degree North Carolina days that it’ll be a bit more of an inconvenience, but it’s good to have found something that’ll help out for the time being.

Here’s a picture of me modeling my new belly belt. I used it with my jeans here since I figured it wouldn’t be appropriate to lift up my skirt. But I’ll probably end up using it with pants, too, because like I said, it helps smooth things out and keep it in place. I still have some issues of feeling like everyone’s looking at me and wondering, “what’s that??” even though I know that’s ridiculous. But I’m appreciative of being able to find something that makes me feel a little more comfortable in my own skin.