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Please excuse me, my brain is fried

So as anyone who has been following The Stolen Colon for any length of time probably knows, I tend to over book myself. I think this happens for a couple of reasons… first of all, I do have a problem saying ‘no.’ I’m just not good at it. And secondly, almost all of the things I get involved in I really WANT to do, which makes it even harder to say ‘no.’

Right now, I’m in the middle of a bunch of big life moments. Four, to be exact. I have made my way through two of them: Running a half-marathon and being a part of the planning committee for CCFA’s Take Steps Walk. But I am still having to prepare for the next two: Finishing up my graduate school research study and taking a really big trip with my husband.

I have been pretty overwhelmed with things lately and, sad to say, finding time to write on here tends to be the first thing that falls to the side. Especially when I feel that I am spending every waking moment dealing with this research project and whenever I have a moment to breathe, I feel that my brain is so tired that trying to do something like writing more just doesn’t sound appealing. Usually anything beyond sitting on the couch or taking a nap doesn’t sound appealing.

research project graduate school study final paper writing stephanie hughes stolen colon crohn's disease ulcerative colitis inflammatory bowel disease ibd blog ostomySo I am really looking forward to having this research project completed. (It has to be in just 5 days!) It has been a really interesting project, as I have had to opportunity to focus on IBD-related things, and I am excited to share it all with you at some point.

I am also looking forward to tell you about the Take Steps Walk we had over the weekend. It was a crazy day of running around and trying to get everything done, but we had a beautiful day for it and raised over $100,000!

But all of that will come soon. As I mentioned, I will finish up this project by next Monday and then I hop a plane for Europe just 3 days later! I am really excited to have a few days of vacation and nothing to worry about besides not getting lost in Italy and finding some place with yummy pasta. And once I get home from that trip, it’s time for a breather. I am trying my best not to make many plans for the weeks that follow because I just want to enjoy some down time.

I’m in the homestretch. The light at the end of the tunnel is rapidly approaching, which just means I have to kick it into high gear for the last few miles. I look forward to catching up on here soon. So, until then…

So I have this theory…

I think I’m really going to like my Communications Theory class. I know, anything with “theory” in the title and it sounds like a snooze-fest, but it’s actually really interesting. What I like about studying communication is that it really just discusses things that you already know, but may have never thought of in a laid-out, academic way.¬†We all can picture how we would act or react in a certain situation, but we may not know why. Communication theory provides ideas of why people do the things they do.

graduate school communication theory book study studying nc north carolina state university college stephanie hughes stolen colon crohn's ostomy colitis blog

But I won’t bore you with all of the details of the socio-psychological tradition or the differences between objective and interpretive theory. I really just want to talk about my first experience back in the classroom in over five years.

I got to the classroom about 15 minutes early, but I wasn’t the first one there, so that was good! It was nice having just been to orientation with a lot of these people because I felt like I was having class with people I already knew, even if I had just met them briefly once. There are 17 of us in the class, including the professor, and he had us move our desks into a big circle so we could really make the class a big discussion rather than a lecture.
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Ready for July

fireworks july celebration monthly goals stephanie hughes stolen colon ostomy crohns blogI can’t believe it has been a whole month since my half-marathon¬†and, in just another couple of a days, a whole month since my surgery. Time flies and stands still at the same time.

I had big goals for June, but only two: run a half-marathon and recovery from surgery.

Thankfully, I made it through both without a hitch! I was even able to tackle my secondary goals such as sorting through my filing and starting back to work. However, I’m still having to come to terms with a lower level of energy as my body heals. I ended up working a 50-hour week last week (how does that happen??) and I am feeling the effects now. That’s why I’ve been absent from the Stolen Colon since my post on my first day back to work.

But I am glad to be starting another month. It makes me feel that I am officially past my surgery and the initial recovery and can start fresh with getting back to normal life… even if that means trying my best to still take it easy.
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