The baby is on the way

Well, it looks like the little baby is getting ready to make an entrance. I’m on my 4th admission to the hospital in less than a month and we’ve decided it’s safest to go ahead and have the baby to avoid any more bowel obstructions that could be much more dangerous for the both of us. Here’s a quick update from the hospital.

20 thoughts on “The baby is on the way

  1. Frank Garufi Jr.

    You are so incredibly brave!!!! I’m praying for you, the baby, your husband, and your entire family! I hope the next thing we hear is that baby Hughes is among us and perfectly health along with Momma being good too!

  2. Molly B

    Oh Stephanie love and prayers sent your way for a safe healthy delivery!!! I will be glad when you can feel better!!!! You have been through too much!

  3. veganostomy

    Stephanie, my thoughts are with you! So glad to hear the worst of it will be over soon, and your new (happy, awesome, amazing) life will begin!

    =) Wishing you and baby all the best.

  4. Furrykids Papp

    God Bless you and the baby Stephanie! many, many prayers are with you all!! Hang in there, soon all will be back to normal! ❤️❤️❤️Dianne

  5. Anne George

    Stephanie, praying for you & a safe delivery for your baby. Looking forward to seeing his pictures. Pray you feel so much better once he’s here. God bless you, love from Scotland xx

  6. Emily B. McCartha

    Thinking of you and hoping the next few days go well and are problem-free. You can do it! 🙂

  7. Cara

    I haven’t checked you blog in a while and I realize your son is here by now but I wanted to say congrats! I know it was a long, hard journey and not what you expected but you are done and you did amazing. I can’t wait to hear about life with your new little one. I hope you (and daddy) are getting some sleep 🙂

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