The best part of Team Challenge

Stolen colon crohns ostomy blog ccfa team challenge half marathon colitis team challenge tuesdayThere are a lot of reasons that I have enjoyed being a part of Team Challenge. The running, the traveling, the goal, the finish line… But I have to say that perhaps the best part is the people. I have made some wonderful friends through this program and am looking forward to making even more this year.

This week has been really exciting because I have gotten the chance to meet some of my team members. Since the main group is based out of Charlotte, I think having that group aspect here in Raleigh is even more important. So far, I have two wonderful ladies on my team. One lives right here in the Triangle and I had the pleasure of sitting down with her for coffee. I really enjoyed getting to hear her story and how she has lived with IBD, as well, and now wants to do something that she’s really passionate about. I am definitely looking forward to running with her and getting to know her better.

The second girl is out of Pitt County, so while I haven’t been able to meet her in person yet, I’ve enjoyed speaking with her on the phone and hearing how she’ll be running for her father who was diagnosed with IBD just a couple of years ago. I’m hoping to have the opportunity to meet up with her soon and help make sure that she gets to enjoy this program just as much as the rest of us.

And finally, I just found out this week that my GI doctor for the past four years is going to be running, too! The girl who leads the Carolina’s Team Challenge group just told me last week that he spoke at one of their events and made a challenge of his own: if three people in attendance signed up, he’d run, as well. So I just found out that those three people did sign up, so he’s jumping on board. He actually ran with Team Challenge a couple of years ago. He made me laugh this week when he sent me an email saying that he general runs four times and week and at least one of those is around 10 miles. Then he said that he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep up with us young people. I laughed out loud at my computer as I replied that he would be leaving all of us in the dust. But I’m very excited about this opportunity to work with him where I’m not just sitting there telling him how things really aren’t any better. This will actually be the first time I’ve seen him since just about a month after my surgery.

This Sunday we’re all planning on having our first group run, so I’m really hoping I can get everything coordinated with every one. I’m ready to really get this season rolling!

(And hey! If you’re in the Raleigh-area and want to come run with us, just send me a message. We’d love to have you!)

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