The daily grind

Today is the first full day of work I have done in probably 3 weeks now and it made me realize one thing: I’m tired.

It was the weekend before Easter that I started feeling really lousy and left work early a couple of days that week and eventually admitted myself to the hospital on Good Friday. I spent the next week in and out of the hospital, finally heading home for good last Sunday. I went back to work the next day and for the most part I was doing pretty good, but by early afternoon, it would suddenly hit me how exhausted I was.

This week, I’ve had appointments in the morning, so today was my first opportunity to actually work my normal schedule. Now, it’s about 10 p.m. and I am barely keeping my eyes open to write this post. And I haven’t done anything since I’ve been home. We even had leftovers tonight, so I didn’t have to cook or really clean up anything.

This is another reason that makes me think this surgery is the right thing. I don’t think I can keep on going being this exhausted all of the time. I’m in my mid-20’s, this is the time of my  life that I’m supposed to enjoy my free time, not having to worry about kids and always getting enough sleep. I’m looking forward to having more energy and finishing up the day ready for more, not dragging myself into bed. I’m sick and tired of being, well… sick and tired.

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