The plus side of not having a colon

I am still 25 days away from my surgery, but I am already set to go for it. I mentioned the other day that I went to see my surgeon to have had my pre-op appointment. I had the appointment on Tuesday since it was the last weekday I will have off from work before the surgery. It was interesting being back at UNC Hospital on the one-year anniversary of my original surgery. I was already being sentimental that day and it just brought back even more memories.

The point of this appointment is just to go over the paperwork necessary for the surgery,unc hospital health care chapel hill surgery memorial stephanie hughes stolen colon crohn's ostomy blog to make sure that the patient has a full understanding of the procedure and to go over what the patient needs to do in the days leading up to the surgery and on the day you actually go in for it. I pretty much knew everything already, since I spoke to my surgeon about in back in March when I went in for the pain issues I was having around my stoma. I was already thinking about it at that point, but it was once my eye issue sprung up that I made to decision to go ahead and book the surgery.

I’ve been well aware of what this surgery consists of for a while. I knew right after my first surgery that it was something I was going to have to have done at some point; I also have a friend who went through the same surgery just about 6 months ago, so thankfully I had someone to talk to about what to expect. It was also nice to go through all of those details with the surgeon, as well.

The recovery is about the same as my last: approximately 5-7 days in the hospital, but probably only 4 weeks total to be back to normal. I did find out one new thing about the recovery this week. The reason they keep you for that long in the hospital is to make sure that my ostomy will start outputting again, even though they won’t actually be doing anything with that part of my body. I asked why and they told me it’s just from the trauma of surgery and also from the anesthesia that it’ll shut down for a bit, which sadly means that I’ll probably be stuck drinking chicken broth again (and honestly, “broth” is much too good of a word for it.)

I’m having this surgery 2 days after my half-marathon and just one day after making the trip home from the race. I’m so thankful to not have any real prep that I have to do for this surgery. The plus side of not having a colon is no more bowel cleansing! I should actually get a call that Friday, once I’m already in Virginia, to find out what time on Monday my surgery will be. I’m hoping for early so I can have it done with and start moving on.

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