This stinks… literally

I’ve come to realize some of the more difficult aspects of having an ostomy. I had my first bad experiences with it in this past week.

First of all, I’ve been dealing with irritation on the skin around the stoma. Skin is just not meant to have an adhesive attached to it at all times, so it’s something that I will deal with on and off forever. And you’re not only dealing with the irritation from the adhesive, but also with stomach acid that comes into contact with your skin. I have pastes and other things to help keep the area dry, but sometimes if you don’t get things lined up perfectly, you can deal with some burning. I think I may have also had a mild allergic reactions to one of the adhesives. I’ve gotten lots of samples from different companies, so I’m still deciding what’s the best fit.

Then I had my first leakage issue yesterday. I was actually at church with my friend Sarah. It was after praise and worship and we were sitting down and I could just tell that something didn’t feel right. I also knew something didn’t smell good, but it wasn’t very noticeable and I couldn’t tell if I was just imagining it or not. And I was wearing a dress, so I couldn’t very well check on it to see if there was an issue. I went to the bathroom and found that the bag was, in fact, leaking. Ick.

So we had to go ahead and leave so I could take care of it. It didn’t end up being too big of a deal. I went home and changed the bag. I’m thankful that I was in a position where I could easily fix it. Plus, it showed me some things to look out for so hopefully I can help prevent it in the future. I’m sure this won’t be the last time it happens or even the worst, but at least I feel that I can prepare for these issues.

5 thoughts on “This stinks… literally

  1. Michelle Patterson

    You made it through your first leak! That is the toughest one. You’ll have more but you’ll learn from them and know what to do. A travel kit might be a good idea. I carry one in the car always and have all the supplies I need for a minor bag change and a full on wafer change. Has been a life saver more than once!

    I had skin problems at first too and still do from time to time. I had a reaction to the paste and had to switch to the rings. It’s trial and error until you know what works and doesn’t.

  2. Adam

    That’s great you were able to take care of it quickly. There is an overwhelming number of options in ostomy products so over time you’ll find something ideal for your stoma, skin and lifestyle. Always be testing…

    The “travel kit” and/or an “office kit” is a good idea because it is always good to be prepared when you’re out or anywhere outside of home for an extended period of time. Pouch, wafer, wet wipes and cleaning supplies, adhesives/removers as needed, an airtight bag (for disposal) and deodorizer. Perhaps a few other things for your individual needs. Many of the ostomy adhesives/removers/cleansers have sizes in small single use packets or tiny bottles so they’re more convenient than the larger sizes you may keep at home.

    Good luck, Stephanie!

  3. Keith Thomas

    I had a leak yesterday and today the first ones in two and a half years and had just started work both times
    lucky i carry an emerg kit


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