Call me crazy…I’m sure some of you will

Yesterday marked exactly one month until I officially go back to school. I am definitely getting a little nervous the closer it gets. It may seem silly to be nervous about going to school, but having been five years since I’ve even taken a class, it does seem pretty daunting.

ncsu north carolina state university college studying book textbook stephanie hughes stolen colon crohns ostomy blogWhen I was actually in college, it was just a continuation of years of school, so it wasn’t any sort of big change in studying. And although I always did my best to be a good student and get more than just a “good time” out of college, I also wanted to experience things and to not get too caught up in my grades. I kept up mostly As and Bs, but there was a C or two thrown in there.

This time, I feel very out of practice. There’s a particular academic mindset that you need to be in and I haven’t been there for a while. Even studying for the GRE last year was a big challenge. It’s going to take a lot of discipline to put myself back in that role.

The biggest change is going to be having a full-time job and a family (…oh yah, and needing to go to bed before 1 a.m.) I never have had to juggle this much before, so I think I am most worried about having the time that I need to study and still be able to enjoy time with my husband and friends and keep my house from becoming a disaster area.

I have actually been trying to do some reading and studying over the summer to help me prepare for diving back in. It’s a bit of a process, but I’m hoping that by August 21, I am back into the practice of it. So far, I have enjoyed being a part of the academic world again. I had to go out to campus last week to get my ID card, so I took some time to walk around the campus, so a little reading, and browse through the library.

ncsu north carolina state university campus brickyard stephanie hughes stolen colon ostomy crohns blogI really love the feeling of being part of that community. When I first decided to go for my masters, I looked into a bunch of different programs, both on campus and online. While the online classes would be much more conducive to keeping up my day-to-day life, not having to drive downtown and park and walk across campus to get to a class that lasts three hours. But at the same time, I don’t think that I would get the same feelings that I get when I’m actually there. Call me crazy, but it really makes me want to keep learning and studying. Without those feelings, I’m honestly not sure that I would have what it takes to pursue an online degree.

But regardless of that, I have my work cut out for me over the next 30 days. In four weeks from today, I will have my Communications graduate orientation. It’s a day-long program to give us everything we need to know, but only two days later do we actually start class, so it’ll be a big week. That’s why I’m trying to do as much as I can to prepare myself now. And speaking of that… I actually have to hit the books.

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