How to dress when pregnant with an ostomy

I have done a video before about what to wear with an ostomy, but now that I am almost 9-months pregnant, I wanted to talk about how to dress when your stomach becomes more of a focal point. It does become a bit more complicated to attempt to hide your ostomy bag during this time, but I don’t think that means you still can’t dress the way you want. I think it is much more about what you are comfortable with and making your decisions based on that. Here are some of the clothing options I have chosen throughout my pregnancy, but I’d love to know if you have found some other options that I do not cover here!


4 thoughts on “How to dress when pregnant with an ostomy

  1. Lou Ann Ciesinski

    Stephanie, thank you for sharing this video with everyone. I have a question about clothing and the colostomy. I am a larger women and I find that if my clothing covers my ostomy bag when I go it just collects at the top of the bag versus going to the bottom. Have you or anyone else had this issue? If so what did you do to fix the issue?

    Lou Ann C.

  2. Virginia Kasten

    I am glad I had my “stoma” baby in 1983 when we sore more flowing maternity clothes. You ladies wear way more form fitting maternity clothes. The elastic band on my maternity pants often hit right over my stoma. If I ballooned up, no one could tell since I had a loose maternity top on. No one knew I had a stoma! I had a great pregnancy and had a 9 lb baby boy, via vaginal birth.

  3. David Gardiner

    Although I’m not a female , I can sympathise a bit , with the ‘challenge’ of trying to ‘disguise’ a ‘bag’ when pregnant . I too am an ostomate , & prefer not to wear certain clothes , which will highlight my stoma , instead choosing loose , dark or patterned material . My wife & I had 4 children [ all adults now ] , but now have 6 Grandkids , 8 & under , so from a male’s point of view . When my wife was ‘carrying’ our babies , the fashion then ,was loose Maternity style dresses ………But really…..why should we ‘have to ‘ disguise our stomas / bags ? The more people know about ‘ What a Stoma is ‘ , the better !!!,,,,but it takes courage !

  4. Tori

    This is the exact video I’ve been looking for. I’m TTC my second baby right now through IVF and I have a permanent ilesotomy. Thank you!


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